Wednesday, December 12, 2012

007 Dr No book

The fascination exerted by the most famous secret agent the world has been explained by the master of literature cop, Raymond Chandler: He is what every man would like to be and every woman would like to have. In 007 AGAINST SATANIC DR. NO, once again almost indestructible spy moso and manly, with the help of modern inventions of the British Secret Service, must save the world. While that leaves a trail of women in passionate pursuit.

First Ian Flemming book to be adapted for the big screen, 007 AGAINST SATANIC DR. NO one is more of the adventures of Bond being reissued by Record commemorating the fifty years of the character. With new graphic design and translation, collection, begun with Moscow against 007, is a chance to reread the best stories of espionage literature. And unique opportunity for a whole generation better understand an icon of pop culture.

In 007 AGAINST SATANIC DR. NO, we see a Bond frail after suffering a kind of "psychic rape" in his previous adventure. Who might benefit from this is the villain in a Chinese immigrant who spends her days thinking of different ways to dominate the world. The scenario is Jamaica, pre-reggae, just sun, sea and seduction - and exotic drinks, of course. Bond's gun new, bigger and more powerful. But have not shot with her. This is where the danger lies.

Ian Fleming was born in 1908, son of a wealthy English family. He studied at Eton, where he excelled only in sports, being forced to leave the institution after a scandal involving a girl. He entered the military academy, which also left before completing the course. Was living and studying in Austria, but not decided by any profession. Tried to follow a diplomatic career, but was not approved exams. He was then hired as a journalist for Reuters.

At the time, the family fortune had dissipated. And Ian realized that a reporter gains were not enough to maintain their standard of living. Attempted career in a bank in London, and went on to attend the best London society. In 1939, when World War II broke out, he went to work in British intelligence, which highlighted. In the last year of the conflict took a trip to Jamaica and fell in love with the Caribbean. Decided to move there after the war. It was only two months, but every year spent the winter in the Caribbean island.

At 44, Fleming married his mistress. The year was 1952, and now married and about to become a father, he published his first book, Casino Royale, starring romance English spy James Bond. The success was enormous and he wrote 13 other adventures of agent 007 until his death in 1964 of a heart attack.

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