Wednesday, December 12, 2012

007 Goldeneye and open wounds of the Cold War

"Governments change, but the lies remain the same" (James Bond in Goldeneye 007)

The contradictory spirit of the 90s ended so sepulchral short but intense twentieth century, going from an industrial revolution for two world wars already makes the first half of the last century the stage of study of various social and political contradictions. In a period like the '60s when the youth counterculture movement wanted changes, rapid lived by that dreaded not reach their 30s, the cultural market saw a fertile space for large enterprises. When Ian Lancaster Fleming started typing at his home in Jamaica (called "Goldeneye") the first adventure of the British spy James Bond even he imagined that his creation would soon become under the production of Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli and Harry Saltzman one of more profitable and enduring franchises in film history.

In 1962 "007 Against The Satanic Dr. No" with Sean Connery spy embodying the British crown would be a huge box office success that launched a legend and a phenomenon. Another fact stimulated the prosperity of the goose that lays the golden eggs MGM's James Bond represented the romanticization of the most important weapons against the enemies of the West in Eastern Europe: espionage. The James Bond films are still being produced today with Daniel Craig in the latest build, but in the late 80 a court fight (fought between the heirs of Fleming and Broccoli) and withdrawal of Timothy Dalton as to continue playing the spy took franchise to an uncertain future in addition to its makers ask themselves "Could James Bond continue breathing after cold war??", but in 1995 with the legal issues resolved, an original story (albeit loosely based on the book by Fleming " Moonraker ") and the hiring of Pierce Brosnan to embody the secret agent become" Goldeneye 007 Against "one of the best productions of the franchise, yes, the character survived the end of the cold war, but not without questioning the values ​​of the west and east of the last 45 years.

The film starts with Bond and his partner Alec Trevelyan, 006 on a mission to destroy a chemical weapons factory in the Soviet Union still alive, but is killed in action Trevelyan and Bond is forced to a quick escape by sending the factory air (in an embarrassing scene even for fans border on the absurd). Nine years later James Bond has a mission to investigate the theft of the Goldeneye satellite (a weapon for the defense of the USSR times generating powerful electromagnetic pulses that could destabilize bank accounts, government information systems and any electrical equipment). The investigation leads him to the Russian General Ourumov (the murderer of his fellow 006) that leads to Janus Russian mobster, but soon the disturbing truth is revealed to Bond: Janus is actually his friend Trevelyan who had forged his own death and joined Ourumov intending to take revenge on the British government over London shooting the gun and destabilizing its economy. Times were changing and own secret agent in this production started to have an approach even more ironic and critical. James Bond would have modified values ​​for the 90 as the disbelief in their own position and the alarming data related to the harmful effects of smoking that would transform the secret agent in an anti - smoking. Your superior "M" now was no longer a man but a woman (played masterfully by British actress Judi Dench), his boss claims directly with all his authority to Bond how the world has changed and what was the place that you fit him when he says "Great, why do you think a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War. "

Trevelyan not only became the villain of the plot, but also represent a most curious backdrop to the plot. The traitor was the son of 006 Cossacks and was adopted by the British government when their parents were killed for betraying the UK joining the Soviets. When reunite Bond asks "Why?" (Referring to his change of side) which replicates Trevelyan "Question funny, I never wondered, why? Why destroy those dictators, why overthrew those regimes, Everything to come home and hear, 'Well done, Well done, lad, but everything for which you fought and risked changed now' "; questioning at least one rare at the time. The reunion scene between Bond and his friend could not have a more appropriate: A graveyard of statues of former communist regime; shadows of an old friend became an enemy, even in the opening credits of the film several monuments to Lenin and Stalin are shredded by the hammers silhouettes of scantily clad women, you could see that the historical past even sugestionada way back to the surface and these wounds had not yet healed, but the curious facts and unusual not stop around, because to get to Janus / Trevelyan Bond is subjected asking for help to a former opponent, former KGB Valentin Zukovsky. Even something unthinkable happened in the past of the character in this film: The Spy West finally put their foot in Russia and without forgetting to steal a tank and wreak havoc on the streets of St. Petersburg during a flight.

The changes that came with the fall of communism in Russian society are addressed quite peculiar in the film, both in the question economic: When the picture is done in a country where the cars fail every corner and in social: being the villains are part of organized crime (even the General Ourumov military top brass and his bodyguard outside Xenia Onatopp that a professional killer KGB) ie a country trying to rebuild itself had a much more organized mafia that their own government. The soundtrack Eric Serra in Goldeneye is a key element; Serra managed to lead a song cold, dark, mysterious and modern enough that helped build the atmosphere of the distant echoes of the Cold War. The film has grossed $ 350 million worldwide and was the flagship bold that might lead 007 through the 90's for the XXI Century. This production (like the other films in the series) has its dose of fantasy and James Bond continue to be the number 1 hero imperialist west, but no movie captured so well the spirit of his age; "Goldeneye 007" James Bond showed that no longer needed to fight an Iron Curtain, but showed the world the consequences of the fall of the same.

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