Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I confess that I went to the press screening of the film worried, half on the back foot. For the past few days some news regarding the beginning of the movie left me a little discouraged.

I sat down, came the MGM lion, and then Daniel Craig appears on the screen.

I thought. It really made a huge mess in the beginning of the movie. (Actually no bullshit, I think the item in question do not mention the name of the plot would spoil the movie if you went to earlier this Bond film because when the movie ends bet that many will come to the same conclusion I arrived.)

Soon it was noticeable that the action of other films stood in a sequence in Turkey breathtaking, however, noticed that Daniel Craig was much more comfortable in the role of secret agent 007.

The sense of humor and the way that Daniel Craig acted in "007 - Operation Skyfall" (I think the film should keep the name just Skyfall) was much more mature.

Something was different there.

A motorcycle chase ensued in Turkey. And suddenly in another scene where the breath of any fervent and faithful fan ends up raising the heights hears a shot.

Ready. This made. Bond is dead.

Uh how so? Bond never dies. It is an immortal being.

Let's go then right? No, better to hear Adele before in one of the best credits sequence ever made.

Really the lyrics are perfect for the film.

Ends this beautiful credits sequence and then comes what we call the best movie ever made by Daniel Craig in the skin of the secret agent.

Because Daniel Craig speak and not the best film in the series?

For what is seen is then actually a beautiful story, beautifully bound and super faithful to the series. However it is not all a bed of roses.

The movie revolves upon an attack on MI6 and the city of London is the scene of most of the plot in which there is a complex action "terrorist" coordinated by one of the most psychopathic villains ever seen in 50 years. Certain Moments villain does remember a dark side to her. In another realizes that it is nothing more than a bitter person in the shoes of a ruthless person.

I say that I remembered Franz Sanchez in "007 - Permission to Kill" at times. However Sanchez was a drug dealer which does not occur in this plot. I refer to the villain's intellect, in dealing with BOND. But Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) shows up cruel and able to duel with Bond in words sometimes embarrassing. For BOND BOND is. A man who revived the deepest, uncomfortable and painful death possible.

M (Judi Dench) is in his best performance as such. Demonstrating moments ranging from the performance of their duty, the pure drama. M is actually closer to BOND. More like a mother. What shows how direct this film was made to develop the relationship between Bond and her.

Bond no longer shows the new agent of other times in certain moments. And that could be a problem. Often a hook for jokes about this "old age" is made to give a broken ice in the plot of the movie.

His new gunsmith and very pleased. Despite being new to the role Ben Whishaw showed that came to be "Q" for many, many movies. The touch given by the actor to the character shows that it is in place for today's times. Without leaving at certain times to use the old sarcasm of his predecessor, legendary Desmond Liewelyn.

The BondGirls are one of the only weak points of the film. Few and unfunny. Just as there are mere extras in my view. With the exception of one who despite not having kissed BOND is to be a milestone in the series.

Remember the beginning of this review?

Sam Mendes proved to be a very competent director to create one of the best if not the best end of a JAMES BOND movie I've ever seen.

Tributes can be seen and a true fan of the series, I'm sure the excitement will not miss to remember these tributes.

Overall BOND returned in good old "formula" and so Flemiana. Yes that's right. BOND is the purest formula Flemiana in "007 - Operation Skyfall."

But it has some flaws, since one can not ignore certain things that do not fit as a legitimate BOND.

I'd say if he would give a note to 10, would give a 9.

At most, this movie is one of the best in the entire series. And finally.

James Bond Will Return. Already more than clear it.

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